Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values
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As parenting plays a vital and pivotal role in the life of every parents, PFRC is committed to ameliorate the pain and mental strain of the parents in the entity of making them to have a child in their family to beget happiness. The first and foremost vision of PFRC is to chide away the worries of the parents relating to the childlessness condition that makes their life deplorable. It is not the medical treatment alone that gives them the solace, but the counseling and the confidence that are being given to the parents by PFRC go a long way in getting them relieved of the long prevailed and disgusting way of life.

It is to be remembered that in a family whether it is big or small, the women chief mostly the mother of the children should have vivid mental agility fused with the impulses of wellness and happiness otherwise she would not be in a position to gear the activities of the family on the right lines. As such, taking into consideration of the goodness of the women in all respects, PFRC assigns the utmost importance for the health and agility of the women chief of the family. And if she is left without the bliss of a child, her ambitions will not be fulfilled and the family is not complete without it.

Though the problem of infertility relating to the man and wife of the family is being considered very important to make them relieved of the pains of childlessness, PFRC is indeed attaching much of importance to the other medical spheres such as Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic surgery, colorectal surgery, Esophageal surgery, Hernia repair, Piles / Hemorrhoids, Trauma and Fracture care, Computerized Knee surgery, Keyhole ligament surgery, Advanced Spine Surgery, Total Hip Replacement, Shoulder and Elbow surgery, Joint replacements, Bariatric surgery, Evaluation and Management of Liver Masses / Cancers. All women and children related medical problems etc. are also being diagnosed and treated with the most modern medical technologies.

To be the preferred comprehensive care provider for Women , Children and male & female infertility.

Specializing in ObGyn,Pregnancy Care& Delivery , Pediatrics and most importantly assisted conception (reproductive care) provider globally.

To promote a cutting edge and pioneering scientific approach to help individuals with successful outcomes


The experienced specialist Doctors and trained and experienced staff are working round the clock in the PFRC to cater to the medical needs of the patients. Sufficient care is taken to treat the patients with the latest available medical methodologies and with the utmost compassion. The Doctors and staff of PFRC are committed with their dedicated and selfless services in extending their medical care to the patients. Since the PFRC is very well equipped with the required personnel and the equipments, the degree of successful performance and achievement of full cure are really high.

The patients who make a visit to PFRC with any kind of medical problem are attended with all love and compassion instilling an entity of utmost confidence into their minds. Hence, the mission of PFRC is set forth towards the tender care of patients and the maximum of achievement of success in treatments performed to the patients.

Achieve best results with tender care.

To set the standard of excellence in ART in India and Asia to continuously innovate to deliver superior customer satisfaction beyond expectations.

We are committed to the care and improvement of human life. We act in ways that respect dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every individual.


PFRC respects human values in general and feminine virtues in particular while receiving the patients for multifarious kinds of diseases. PFRC also takes enough care to uphold the values by way of warmth dealing always with the patients. Even the accompanying family members of the patients are taken care of in respect of staying accommodation, food etc., While dealing with the foreign patients, the PFRC exhibits enough care and caution that they should return to their respective countries with the sense of contentment and satisfaction in all respects and to that extent they are respected and treated assigning special status. Since their coming and getting treatment in Tamilnadu, India would invariably represent the hospitality and dignified culture of India, PFRC caters to the medical needs of the foreign patients with the maximal of involvement and with the sense of self responsibility.

The patients arriving in the premises of the PFRC both in Chetpet and in Velachery are with the fond hope of recovering from their medical problems very soon and in response to their expectations, the entire administration of PFRC. takes special care to fulfill their medical needs at the shortest period with the lowest of expenditure.

We treat all those we serve with the utmost compassion and confidentiality.

We act with honesty, integrity and fairness and aim to inspire trust in the way we conduct our treatment.

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At PFRC IVF , we have two goals for your infertility treatment. The first is to help you get pregnant . The second is to help you experience an uncomplicated pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.