Neonatal ICU


Neonatal ICU

Neonatal Intensive care Unit Prashanth Hospitals pioneering in Invitro Fertilization comes equipped with a modem newborn facility providing exceptional care for newborn babies. The newborn intensive care unit houses ten beds with provision to provide ventilator support. In house team consists of consultants, specialists, junior doctors and nurses experienced in newborn care. The unit also receives sick newborns, preterm babies and babies with very low birth weight by providing transport incubator and equipped personnel.

Our regular clinic known better as PRASHANTH CHILD CARE CONCEPTS has the following sub-Specialities. Neonatal Intensive care Unit.

Positive Thought Clinic

Is our antenatal counseling clinic whereby we counsel mothers with high-risk pregnancies. Confidence is induced to assure them that we would provide a safe motherhood and a normal baby.

First Feed Clinic

The clinic supports breastfeeding encouraging the mothers to breast feed and explaining benefits of exclusive breast- feeding in the first six months.

Growth Plan Clinic

Our growth and development clinic, which gives the much, needed special attention to the child with developmental delay. Along with the pediatricians are experts in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Assessment for vision and hearing is also advised to the babies in need.

Tender Care Clinic

Our routine pediatric clinic which helps treat day-to-day problems in children. Emergency attention is available round the clock by the concerned specialist.Routine visits come under “see soon” category where a time is scheduled for attention by the consultant.

Shots Time Clinic

Our vaccine clinic, which schedules your baby’s vaccines, reminding you at the right time. Briefings on newly available vaccines are told and solutions for vaccine related problems are given.

WE PROVIDE YOU EXPERT, ROUND-THE- CLOCK ADVICE FOR YOUR NEWBORNS AND CHILDREN: BABY LINE” a brand new concept ,has been introduced for the FIRST TIME IN INDIA. In case your child is unwell and needs help / your pediatrician is not available, you can call the BABYLINE which is available 24 x 7 and 365 days and seek the advice of a paediatric medical professional. And in case the child needs further help, intensive care Transport Team with incubators , ventilators and other amenities is available to transfer them from anywhere at any point of time to safe hands. You can reach for ANYTIME help at 96001 26000.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is staffed and equipped to provide life-saving treatment for premature, low-birth weight newborns and critically ill infants. Our neonatology team is readily available 24×7 with well equipped transport facilites to manager sick neonates, premature and low birth weight babies. We encourage in utero transfer for high-risk deliveries for maternal and neonatal intensive care.