Comprehensive 9 months Package

Pre-Delivery, Delivery, Post Delivery and New Born Care

At Prashanth Fertility and Research Centre, we celebrate the miracle of motherhood with our meticulously crafted Premium Maternity Care Package. Designed to exceed your expectations, this package is a testament to our commitment to your well-being and that of your precious baby. Experience pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum like never before with the following exceptional offerings:
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Package Includes

Pre-Delivery Bliss
Your Pathway to a Confident Pregnancy
  • Tailored Obstetric and Gynecologist Consultations (10 Sessions)
  • Exhaustive Lab Tests
  • Empowering Lamaze Classes (Post Doctor's Approval from 5th Month)
  • In-Depth Antenatal Education with insights into pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.
  • Nutritionist Guidance (1 Session)
  • Physiotherapy Excellence (2 Sessions)
  • Non Stress Test for an hour
Elevated Delivery Experience
Welcoming Your New Arrival
  • Luxurious LDR suite or operation theatre that matches your preferences
  • Comfortable and nurturing environment during your stay, embracing rest and recovery
  • Elite Medical Team charges (Gynecologist, Anesthetist & Pediatrician)
  • Attentive Nursing Care
  • Carefully curated patient food designed for post-delivery nourishment throughout stay
Post-Delivery Radiance
Guiding Your Transformation
  • Pediatric team during the stay (2 Sessions)
  • Baby resuscitation
  • Essential First Vaccines (BCG, HepB & OPV)
  • Holistic Postpartum OBG Care (2 Sessions)
  • Diet Counseling (1 Session) includes Postpartum wellness including Weight management
  • Revitalizing Physiotherapy (2 Sessions)
9 Months Benefits
  • Get 10% discount on your child's vaccination for the first 12 months
  • Save Rs.10,000/- on stemcell banking
  • A heartfelt welcome to our precious bundle of joy with a cake cutting celebration at the time of discharge
  • A Festive baby shower event to celebrate new beginnings
  • Curated cuddle crate hamper for baby-mom duo
  • Your baby's first portrait with family to Cherish

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We work towards promoting a cutting-edge scientific approach in order to help people towards successful parenthood


We are committed to the improvement of human life, continuously strive for excellence, & exceed customer expectations

Our Value

We serve you with compassion, act with honesty, integrity, fairness, and aim to inspire trust in the way we conduct our treatments...


Our goal is to help you get pregnant; help you to experience an uncomplicated pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby


"Good team of doctors and Nurses, specially Dr Geetha Haripriya, Dr. Gopalswamy, Dr. Shailaja and Nurse Divya, taking care of the entire journey. All procedures are done very methodically taking care of all aspects. They can focus on better patients care by helping patients prepare mentally for procedures and reduce the waiting time for patients for consultations"
"Being a new patient felt very warm and satisfied about the server and care from every staff. And Dr.Geetha Haripriya is excellent in her care and loving guidance towards my treatment"
Ashamed Patel
"Very happy that we came to INDIA visit Chetpet Prashanth hospital. All staff are very warm to welcome. In particular Dr.Geetha mam speaks very Kind words and with her treatment, we are happy about it"
Mondira Karmekar

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