Donor Programme


Donor Programme

Welcome to the donor egg programme, which has been functioning since 2002. the donor oocyte (egg) programme is a boon for women who are unable to produce healthy oocytes or who have chromosomal abnormalities or who have had repeated IVF failures. The selection criteria for donors abide by strict guidelines laid down by Human Fertilization and Embryology Act and by the guidelines laid down by American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Indian Council of Medical Research. PFRC has a large donor bank with over 350 donors.


The programme is one of the largest in India and provides quality service at affordable cost. Worldwide couples have been benefited by this programme and are immensely happy with the professional services offered by the center.


Our egg donation program allows intended parents to choose a donor with the physical and mental characteristics that match their own. The eggs from this donor are then fertilized with the sperms provided by the partner or a donor and transferred into either a surrogate or the intended mother.


  • Age less than 27
  • Must have had children earlier
  • Should undergo all medical tests for general health
  • Normal hormone values normal uterus and ovaries on ultrasound
  • Free from Infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C , HIV and syphilis
  • No history of genetic or medical problems.
  • Karyotyping available on request should be normal
  • Donors are not allowed to donate more than 6 times. The donors are counselled regarding the procedure and the importance of daily visits to the clinic. They are subjected to psychological assessment and we ensure that they stick to unit protocols to ensure smooth functioning of the programme.


The children also undergo medical and psychological IQ assessment to ensure quality care.


A database of physical characteristics , medical screening and all assessments made is maintained and the donor is matched as per the requirement of the recipient. Consent forms are signed by the donor, her husband and the recipient couples to avoid legal problems.


Age, Height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, haircolour, texture, education and religion are all noted and donors are categorized according to the criteria. This helps to maintain a perfect database so that the recipient donor match is perfect and as per the requirements of the recipients.


We have a programme of oocyte donation for women

  1. With Premature ovarian failure.
  2. Surgical removal of ovaries.
  3. Women in the perimenopausal group.
  4. Some women with repeated poor recruitment of follicles at the time of IVF.
  5. Women with extensive endometriosis.
  6. Women with severe pelvic adhesions.
  7. in accessible ovaries making egg collection difficult might also qualify for this programme.
  8. Unexplained repeated IVF failures.

A total of 4945 babies have been delivered till date. The success rate of the donor oocyte program is 75 – 80%. Their babies are as normal as other babies born through IVF programs using own oocytes.


Besides regular donors exclusive donors who are tall ,fair, beautiful, graduates and post graduates are also available. Confidentiality is maintained at all levels.


  • Give your specifications and make your booking
  • Minimize stay in india for overseas patients.
  • No waiting lists


In this cycle you do not undergo ovarian stimulation. The eggs are taken from a donor who undergoes ovarian stimulation after down regulation as explained in the long protocol. You will be asked to take T. Ovral G / Duoluton from a specific day and stop on a specific date. Injection suprefact is started before Ovral G is stopped for down regulating your body hormones. You have to come daily for the injections. On Day 3 of the periods you have to undergo an ultrasound to measure the endometrial thickness. If it has been sufficiently suppressed, tab. Progynova is started from D3 to stimulate endometrial growth. The endometrial thickness is measured on frequent scans and when the lining is about 1 cm and eggs have been collected from the donor your husband is asked to give a semen sample (on the day of egg collection from the donor). Fertilization is done. You will be asked to stop suprefact injection and start inj. Gestone 100 mg. daily from that day. You should call the unit the next day to find out about the day of embryo transfer.

International patients can have the down regulation in their own country if their consultant is ready to co-ordinate the programme.. They can come on Day2 of periods. This will cut down their stay in India by 10 days.


Selection Criteria

  • Age less than 38
  • Good health
  • Emotionally and Psychologically stable
  • No history of inherited disorders.
  • No smoking or alcohol.

Donor Work up

  • Blood tests for general health
  • Infection screening HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Syphilis
  • Semen analysis – Good count, motility and morphology
  • Semen culture to rule out infection.
  • Karyotyping available on request – should be normal

Who needs Donor sperm

  • Azoospermia with absent sperm on testicular biopsy
  • Repeated IVF failures with normal Oocytes
  • History of chromosomal or genetic problems

Maximum donation

  • No more than 10 children born from the same donor’s sperm


  • Who qualifies for embryo donation
  • Couples who are at a high risk of passing on genetic disorders to their offspring
  • Women with recurrent IVF failures.
  • When both partners are having fertility issues.

The Process

Donor embryos or designer babies are created to give couples babies that will match their profiles and looks like their own.

  • Egg selection
  • Sperm selection based on height, weight, skin colour, hair colour , eye colour, Educational status
  • The exclusive eggs and sperms are then used to create embryos.