Cause of Female Infertility

Cause of Female Infertility 12 Sep

In the modern days the female infertility in India looks to be on the higher side. This is due to the multifarious factors such as lack of performance of household duties and lack of walking. In addition to these, most of the women are accustomed to sit in a particular place to attend office work and house works. Most of the house wives do not take up to any kind of exercise to update their physical condition irrespective of the ages.

Most of the women nowadays are affected of the dreadful diseases of Obesity and PCOD problems which need effective and immediate attention and medical consultation and subsequent treatments also. Women who are working in production oriented factories such as spinning mills, match works, tea factories etc. are susceptible for pulmonary disorders and hence they should undergo periodical medical check up to make it sure that they are free from such kind of problems which would also affect their fertility status.

Yet other reasons to be quoted for the higher degree of infertility in female members of the society in India are due to lack of insufficient knowledge in respect of their health conditions and periodical non-consultation of Lady Doctors. Usage of intoxicant materials would also go a long way in affecting the health system and fertility conditions of women. Some of the types of infertility condition of women-folk which could not be rectified other than undergoing medical facilities could be dealt with by appropriate medical treatments.







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