Testicular Sperm Mapping
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Microscopic testicular mapping for Azoospermia.

Azoospermia is a condition in which there are no sperm seen in semen analysis even after pellet preparation. Some of these patients undergo testicular biopsy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Until now biopsy was done only in a single site however recently it has been shown that even if the majority of the testis does not have spermatogenisis there can be focal areas of sperm production which can be missed with single site biopsy technique.

Now we have started doing testicular mapping which is taking biopsy from multiple sites to enable us to identify these focal areas of sperm production. As the technique of assisted reproduction is advanced even a few sperms can be utilisedfor ICSI/IMSI. At Prashanth fertility centre we have started doing testicular mapping with the aid of an operating microscope. The advantage of this is the trauma to the testis is minimised and the incisions on the testis are small. With this technique we will be able to map the testis more extensively thus increasing the chance of finding these focal areas of sperm production.